Social Anxiety Disorders Case Paper

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In case study #4 Louise a 69-year-old architect, has a fear of public speaking, to the point that she is even afraid to speak up at a business meeting. This is causing her problems at work because she avoids situations where she will have to speak in front of other people. She is afraid that she will appear stupid and that other people will make fun of her. Louise may be suffering from social anxiety or social phobia. Social anxiety occurs in approximately 10 to 20 percent of the population and is the third most common psychiatric disorder, after substance abuse and depression (Franks, 2015). To define social anxiety disorder, it is marked and persistent fear of social or performance situations in which the person is exposed to unfamiliar…show more content…
Not knowing Louise’s medical history and if she is currently on any other types of medications I would be leery to prescribe medication to her. Medication would be another options after I interview Louise and get a more detailed medical history (Franks, 2015). After getting Louise’s medical history I would also look at is there possibly a physical health problem that could be causing the social anxiety, since there are some conditions that will do that (NIMH, 2016). Another option that I would recommend with Louise are some stress management techniques, since she is already afraid of speaking in front of other having to speak with a therapist may cause her more anxiety (NIMH, 2016). Giving Louise options to help her relax would not only make her more comfortable with the therapist, but may also help her to be able to interact better at her job. The final treatment I would suggest is getting Louise’s family involved, without a support system she is not going to be able to face this disorder. Her family if they are available and willing would be one of the best treatment options since they are the ones that know her the best, they would be able to help her work on aspects of the treatment that need to be addressed at
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