Social Aspects Of Social Norm

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A social norm that strikes my fascination is in the initial actions, responses, and facial expressions individuals convey when greeting other people, whether a person is acknowledging a friend, co-worker, family member, or a stranger, one would think that each person would greet everyone in somewhat the same manner due to the nature of one’s personality and regardless of their relationship to that individual. I had the assumption that when people have a very bubbly and outgoing personality they would greet everyone in the same vivacious way. Likewise, when individuals are more reserved and less likely to take the initiative in introducing themselves to a stranger, I figured they would be more shy and quiet in their responses. So what I wanted to do was count to three out loud before saying, “Hello” back to my friends, co-workers, family members, and strangers’ greetings and see how they would react to this social norm violation. Therefore, the social norm I chose to break was failing to respond directly to a person’s greeting in the normal response rate and additionally counting out loud to three before replying.
To get a fairly accurate conclusion of my findings, I responded to sixteen greetings in this peculiar way. I gathered the reactions from four friends, four co-workers, four family members (although three were over the phone), and four random strangers who came up to talk to me. Of the twelve individuals I know personally, all of their personalities vary in the

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