Social Changes In Renaissance Art

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Essay # 1 The changes in Art reflect societal changed from Middle Ages and the Renaissances, because of how Renaissance artwork used linear perspective, focused less on religion in paintings and was more humanistic, and lastly art was focused more on realism. During the Middle Ages artwork was not very popular, because it was not a Golden Age or anything so people did not really have time for it. During the Renaissance it was a Golden Age for artwork, and people were investing in it to make it better. During the Middle Ages there was no such thing as linear perspective. People and objects in paintings did not take into account distance, size, and shape. As an example look at Duccio di Buoninsegna’s painting The Calling of the Apostles the people were the same size, and objects were not in size relative to the people. Unlike, during the Middle Ages the Renaissance had linear perspective. In Raphael's painting The School of Athens people who were in the front were larger. In the middle of the painting you can see that those people are the most important. The person in the middle of the painting is thought to be the great philosopher Plato, and the other people around him were philosophers and other great people. In The School of Athens you can clearly see that Plato is the exact middle of the painting. This painting…show more content…
In the Renaissances artwork advances in basically every way possible from the Middle Ages. From realism to linear perspective to making the artwork more diverse and not just religious paintings. During the Renaissance people were actively engaged in artwork, and wanted it to improve, but during the Middle Ages time was rough so people did not really care about art. Therefore artwork in the Renaissance totally outclasses artwork in the Middle Ages, and it shows how the societal changes came a long with this changing
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