Social Class Inequalities

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Where do you consider yourself to be in the class system? Are you a member of the upper class, middle class, or lower class? If you’re a part of the upper class your associated with being rich or born in to a rich family. Then there is the working middle class also know as the “ white collar workers.” Most people of our society would fit into this category of the class system. Lastly there is the lower class that consists of the homeless, those with low-paying jobs, and other who are struggling to survive. Most people don’t bother to think that these different classes could be leading toward social inequalities. Well, this is reality people are being treated differently because of where they stand on this class scale. Conflict pertaining to these differences occurs in our personal and professional aspects of our life. Many people believe that social class inequalities have been eliminated, however this issue continues to exist within the different classes due to a various number of reasons. One of the leading causes of this unjust behavior toward the targeted society is discrimination. Angela Locke provides an example of this in her article that is based on her personal experience. There is a cliché that exists for the lower class community which generalizes that the “poor can’t be smart, and smart people aren’t poor” however this is entirely untrue. It’s due to this prejudice point of view that the Kaur 2 lower class is being treated unfairly(pg 449). The people
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