Social Construction And Its Impact On Society

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Social construction Social construction is when words, identities and concepts are socially and historically constructed in a society. In other words, this is when the value and meanings are tied to concepts such as feminity, masculinity, race, class and gender. Hence, this same values and meanings of such concepts change and impact the society we live in. Furthermore, the idea of a social construct is significant in many various ways. For example, social construct helps us understand about feminity and masculinity on a social platform to which society predict and attaches certain characteristics to both females and males. For instance words such as authoritative, rationality, dominance, aggression, sexual prowess and independence are what defines men and make them more socially valued in a society. On the other hand, the woman is characterized as nurturing, passive, delicate and dependent. Moreover, on economic grounds, the systems affect both men and female in a positive and negative way. The fact that men’s characteristics are socially valued in a society women have limited opportunities in the economy to obtain good paying jobs comparatively in men, as a result of their characteristic not being adequate enough to obtain jobs and positions in political, governmental, engineering fields. Hence, culturally, because of the words constructed upon men they are to stick to their expectations. For instance, protecting and being responsible for their family. Therefore, if they…
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