Social Construction Of Gender Is A Process, Stratification System And Structure

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Tamara Treasure March 1, 2016 Midterm Exam 1. Social Construction of Gender is a process, stratification system and structure. The day to day interactions emphasize gender as opposites. Take for instance, conversations, formalities of daily life, sayings, and so on. The social construction of gender is created through social interaction – through the things we do and say with other people. This means that gender it is not a fixed or inherent fact, but instead it varies across time and place.(The Social Construction Of Gender). Sex denotes to the bodily and birth features of men and women. Sex is the categorization of people into male and female groups based in biological characteristics. While gender is the cultural or social interpretation of sex; putting people into male behavioral and female expectations groups based on association with biological being a socially characteristics appropriate man or woman. In “The Social Construction of Gender”, “When sociologist refer to the social construction of gender, they are referring to the many different process by which the expectations associated with being a boy or girl are passed through society”. (p.22) Gender refers to the societal, mental and societal characteristics of masculinity and femininity, many of this is based on biological differences it also includes people’s self-image and expectations for behavior amid other things. Gender describes societal approaches and behaviors expected of and associated with

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