Social Constructionism: A Sociological Analysis

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Theorists like Foucault, Berger, Luckmann, Gergen bring out Social Constructionism from socio-cultural and historical contexts shape individuals and the creation of knowledge, how creation of knowledge happens, How individuals create themselves , one can also say all experience is subjective and human beings recreate themselves through an on-going, never static process, knowledge is created through an interplay of multiple social and historical forces. Theorists also say Social interaction is grounded in language, customs, cultural and historical contexts, all phenomenon, including the sciences, must be approached with doubt in order to understand how people construct reality and Humans are self-interpreting beings thus further complicating …show more content…

Thus finally one can come to Marx's theory which was built along with Marcuse, Haberrmas called as Conflict Theory which defines how power structures work and how power disparities impact human lives, minds and behaviours, societies perpetuate some forms of oppression & injustice and structural inequity, power is unequally divided & some groups dominate others, but social order is based on manipulation and control by dominant groups. Theorists also highlight social change is driven by conflict, with periods of change interrupting periods of stability and also indicate life is characterized by conflict not

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