Social Contract As A Racial Contract

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In classic contracts or even Carol Pateman’s Sexual Contract, the focus is on the ideal the Racial Contract, on the other hand, is an historical actuality. It is a global reality created over five hundred years of European domination and active consolidation of white supremacy. The racial contract sets up a moral hierarchy: “the general purpose of the Contract is always the differential privileging of the whites group with respect to the nonwhites as a group, the exploitation of their bodies, land, and resources, and the denial of equal socioeconomic opportunities to them. All whites are beneficiaries of the Contract, though some whites are not signatories to it” (11). The classic social contract is primarily social/political, but also economic Locke is all about private property and its protection. But it is the economic aspect that is most noticeable or striking in the Racial Contract as it is “calculatedly aimed at economic exploitation…. There are other benefits accruing from the Racial Contract– far greater political influence, cultural hegemony, the psychic payoff that comes from knowing one is a member of the Herrenvolk (what W.E.B. Du Bois once called “the wages of whiteness”)–but the bottom line is material advantage” Marie le Jars de Gournay talks about the equality of men and women, arguing that most of those who take up the cause of women, opposing the arrogant preference for themselves that is asserted by men, give them full value for money, for they redirect

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