Social, Cultural, And Political Context

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Feminist Therapy believes that it is important to consider the social, cultural, and political context that contributes to a person’s problems in order to understand the individual. In essence feminist therapy focuses on the importance of understanding and acknowledging the psychological oppression of women and minorities and the constraints imposed by the sociopolitical status to which they have been relegated. I agree that one should not only focus on the individual but his entire environment, both at home and elsewhere should be taken into consideration to get a more comprehensive understanding of the individual.
Therapist also believe that the client is the expert on themselves, therefore they know what is best for them. They hold the view that for change to take place, it should be done socially. Additionally, their perception is that that gender roles are influenced before birth and they state that a woman’s development was judged by men. I appreciate the feminist point of view to a certain extent. I agree that a client knows what is best for themselves but what about a client who has a mental illness that is blocking their judgment? I am a traditional woman and believe in the traditional way of things. I am not sure what is meant by raising a child non-gender and I am not sure that I will be able to assist a client who is leaning that way.
What I like about this form of therapy thus far is the empowerment of women and minorities and its commitment to social…
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