Sociocultural Context

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Humans are unique creatures simply due to the fact that every person grows up in a different environment. I know for a fact that the way I grew up is different compared to the way my friends grew up, and it is different compared to how others grew up and will grow up in the past and future. This paper covers the subject of sociocultural context, what it is, how it can impact a child, and how it impacted my own development.
Before anything else, the term “Sociocultural context” must be defined. Sociocultural context is defined as “the physical, social, cultural, economic, and historical circumstances that make up any child’s environment”. (Siegler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg, 2014) It is a very broad term covering a wide variety of subjects that have the potential to impact a child’s development either positively or negatively. Due to it being so broad, it is critical to give at least one example for each of these terms in the definition. An example of a physical environment is where someone physically grew up, and includes factors such as environment and one’s physical house. (Siegler, et al. 2014) Social environment is who one grew up around, including friends, family, and educators. (Siegler, et al. 2014) Cultural environment refers to a set of beliefs, customs, practices and behavior that influence population. Economic circumstances refer to one’s financial well-being; and historical circumstances refer to the time that one grew up in and the historical events that one was

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