Social Determinants Of Public Health

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Public Health and Social Determinants of Population Health. Public health depends on social factors which shape the people’s health and well-being. Understanding these factors help determine what is needed to further improve population health. Some of these determinants are considerations that are political, legal, socioeconomical, cultural, and social networking within and between communities. I will use my personal experience where I conducted during the summer with AsiaNetwork, which examines access to health care for rural Japanese elderly compared to Native Americans. The focus of this assignment will be the health disparity associated with aging Native Americans. Political and Legal Considerations Cooperation is key to develop policies that best help the people. Unfortunately, many politicians struggle in developing new policies and refining existing public health policies that best resolve health disparities. The politicians lack of wiliness to cooperate cause them to fail to produce laws concerning public health. The commotion among politicians involving the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act isn’t aimed to improve public health. Instead, politicians aim to please the base support of political parties. The political and legal stalemate neglects health disparities and the severe consequences the people face. Socioeconomical Status Consideration In addition to the previous two considerations at a national level, state and local governments play a

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