The Social Determinants Of Health

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Norma James is a 65 years old widow who lives alone. Mrs. James has a medical history of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension and has also been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Mrs. James has been a smoker since her 20s and smokes about a ½ pack of cigarettes per day. She has two adult sons who lives far and has minimum contact with them. She does not work and has a very limited savings. She relies on Old Age Security Benefits for income. She has been living in the same neighbourhood for years but has only few individuals who she considers friends. She prefers to spend her time alone at home watching television, reading or watching over her six cats.
Social Determinants of Health are conditions such as living conditions or environments one has experienced while living their life and how that affects one’s health (Mikkonen, J., & Raphael, D., 2010). In this case study of Norma James presented above, the three Social Determinants of Health (DOH) relevant to this case study are Income and Income Distribution, Health Services and Social Safety Net. The following of the paper will discuss the three DOH’s relevant to Mrs. James and how they are affecting her.
The first DOH that is relevant to the case study of Mrs. James is Income and Income Distribution. Out of the fifteen DOH’s Income and Income Distribution is considered the most important (Kozier et al, 2014). With a low or high income, one’s ability to purchase food, shelter, and other essential health requirements
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