Social Disorganization Theory

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Social disorganization theory is a perspective on crime and deviance that examines the community and how it influences crime. Overtime there have been several school shootings and other crime on college campuses throughout the US. People have been left wondering how such crimes can happen in an educational community. Barton, Jensen, and Kaufman break down the variables that go into a college community such as Greek life, race, and age in their article “Social Disorganization Theory and The College Campus”. The authors try to find out what influences cause crime on college campuses and how to deter it. Social disorganization theory is based on the community and how it influences crime. According to Oxford dictionary a community is defined as “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common” ("Definition of Community in English"). A college campus has many factors pointing to being a community. For example, most colleges have dorms or apartments on campus and in some cases the college requires their students to live on campus for the first year in attending the school. This causes their students to be more social and interact with a large group of people. Another factor the supports the fact that colleges are a community is the culture. Most colleges have their own sports teams and have school spirit which brings the community together as a whole. Everyone that comes to college lives a unique life and this is what makes
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