Questions On Crime

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Review Questions
1. What is social disorganization theory? The social disorganization theory is directed towards social conditions. This theory argues that crime is due to social conflicts, change, and lack of consensus in the group.

2. What are three of the different adaptations that Merton identifies? Identify and discuss the three adaptations that you chose. Three different adaptations Merton identifies are conformity, retreatism, and rebellion. Conformity is the adaption where people continue to accept the goals and the ways to achieve it. For example, most people go to school and work hard in their subjects in order to reach their goal of graduating. Retreatism is where people reject both the idea and the ways to reach it. …show more content…

What is labeling theory? The labeling theory is based off of interactions between individuals and society. It suggests that the negative labels given to individuals by society can cause the individual to become that label.

5. What is environmental criminology? What does it argue contributes to crime? Environmental criminology examines how geographical location and features in that location affect crime. It argues that some environments are more prone to crime that others.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. The theories and perspectives in this unit focus on the environmental and social influence of crime. Do you think that environmental and social conditions influence crime? Why or why not? Between biological, psychological, and social factors, which one do you think plays the biggest role in crime? Why? I do believe that environmental and social conditions influence crime. Between all of the factors above, I believe that social factors play one of the biggest roles in crime. Many teenagers and young adults follow the labels that society gives them Where a person is living can also have a big impact on what they do. If they live in a very poor neighborhood, they would feel the need to steal or rob in order to live a good

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