Social Elements Of Culture In Kaffir Boy

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Time and time again we see the world or global studies and english cross paths, creating some of the most timeless and effective novels. Kaffir Boy is no exception. With its intense descriptions of apartheid south africa the reader becomes enlightened and sympathetic to those in similar situations, riddling the book with the elements of culture. Social, religious, and economic elements in particular are illustrated throughout the book.
Social elements of culture are very important to Kaffir Boy in many ways. Take into consideration the way families work in apartheid south africa. There is a head of house, the caretaker and the children. They all live together in the same hut,as expected by the rest of the community. Each person in the family unit has there own weight to carry and the success of the family grossly depends on it. The qualifications of each each role in the house is usually not met by who is the most adept, but rather depends on gender. Over and over the reader sees how the sex of each person comes with its own set of expectations. Men fill the “head of house” position and are always considered above the woman. Women however, are expected to take care of the man and the children, whilst cooking, cleaning, and satisfying the man's need for physical interaction. To break these standards will bring much shame onto a household and cause unwanted turmoil and violence.
Social elements of culture are not the only elements that prominently appear in Kaffir Boy.

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