Social Engineering : The Trojan Horse

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Introduction Did you know that one of the biggest threats to information security is something we are interacting with on a day to day basis? The people around us can be a huge threat to security without us even realizing it. Social engineering is a non-technical attack used to gather and exploit confidential information (Avoiding Social Engineering). Although the definition that was just given is correct, Ian Mann (2012) also states that social engineering is better defined as “to manipulate people, by deception, into giving out information, or performing an action” (pg.12). Human interaction is the gateway to a social engineering attack, which means it can happen right under someone’s nose without them even realizing. The more advanced technology gets, the more deceptive and advanced hackers are getting. Today, social engineering accounts for 66% of all attacks performed by hackers (The Social Engineering Infographic). A famous example of the act of social engineering is the Trojan Horse. The story is that the Greek and Troy were at war with both sides wearing out. The Greek devised a plan to construct a large wooden horse and hide a few men inside (A Different Horse). Once the people of Troy wheeled the horse inside their gates, the men would emerge from the horse opening the city gates, signal for the other and allowing the rest of the Greek army to come in and take over the city (A Different Horse). This is an example that shows a different approach of social
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