Social Exposure And Through Important Life Events

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Question 1: Faith inculcation can work in a variety of different ways, but the main two are by social exposure and through important life events. If asked, anyone will say their faith was influenced by either major figures in their life or an event that caused them to look at the world differently. My belief is that there is no one way that someone gains his or her view of faith. It can be influenced by countless conditions in which a single person experiences. Furthermore, when it comes to religion, there are two kinds of people, those who have an overtime transformation of their current faith or a sudden conversion of faith. To begin with, the first type is those who have been accustomed to his or her faith their whole life. For example, either their parents raised them in that faith or they have been brought up in a community that practices their faith. This would be the view that socialization shapes someone’s view on the beliefs they inherit. Mainly, these are people who do not question their faith because it has been transfused into them their whole life. However, for the second group of people, usually a transformative event occurs in their life where they begin to question their faith. Whether that be bad or good depends on what has happened to them. For example, my grandmother’s death enlightened me to question my faith. My grandmother 's death was the first time I had someone close to me die. I began to question if there was more to life than just going…
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