Social Imagination C Wright Mills

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C. Wright Mills wrote that the social imagination can connect an individual’s experience to the larger social context and reveal connections between patterns of one’s own life to the course of history. Class, customs, and ethical teachings influenced by society helped distinguish my perspective on life. These factors contribute to the socialization in the domain in which I live. My family traditions, upbringing, and values have influenced my biological and cultural views, allowing me to formulate principles similar in aspects to those who had raised me. Through analyzing my various ethical teachings, psychological family influences, class rank in society, and beliefs formed through culture that surround my life, it is revealed how I have been shaped into following society’s standards and socialized into a certain role deemed normal by society. The sociological imagination enables a person to examine their own life experience with the whole of history along with social, economic, and political forces. Mills stated that it permits its “processor to understand the larger historical scene in terms of meaning for the inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals” (Mills 22) meaning biography connects with history. Applying one’s own course of life in relation to this theory results in the connection of an individual experience to the larger social context. Psychoanalysts have constantly informed that people “have the sense of being moved by obscure

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