Sociological Imagination Essay

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From The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mills addresses a distinction between personal troubles and public issues. Mills uses specific examples like unemployment and societal development. Mills explains the ability to connect the individual problems with societal problems. Throughout the text, we can see how Mills uses the perspective of an individual to explain the perspective of society and vice versa. Using sociological imagination, I will explain how education is influenced by society and history, and how there is positive and negative lessons to be taken out of The Sociological Imagination. In the text (From The Sociological Imagination), Mills uses sociological imagination to discuss the differences between “personal …show more content…

For myself and most people in Canadian society, education is a major part of our lives. Most people will spend at least a quarter of their lives in the educational system. Using the school system as an example, in my experience knowing people that have failed a subject, it was due to the fact they didn’t study or do the work which put them at a disadvantage compared to the other students in the grade, but there could be social, economic, or historical reasons which lead to you doing those things. If you come from a poor family, for example, you might need to spend so much time working that you do not have time to study. A societal issue of this would involve in the whole grade failing this course. If this happens, then the solution would not be an individual one, rather the solution would be the school system taking a look into this and making any required changes to the course. A reason for this many students failing could be that the students were not given the resources necessary to succeed. Potentially the school did not have the funding to teach a course properly. This societal issue could result in many students not move further in their education which puts them at a disadvantage. This then can cause long lasting historical problems as it becomes a vicious cycle. A person comes from a poor family and goes to a bad school, they then do badly in school and either don’t complete it or move on

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