Social Implications Of Business Ethics

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Akram Hussain
Unit 37 – Assignment 3
Social implications of business ethics
In this assignment I have been asked to describe the social implications of business ethics facing a selected business in its different areas of activity. I have then been asked to assess these social implications of business ethics.
The business organisation I have chosen for this assignment is ‘Boots’.

Social implications (P3)
Social implication is a term used to describe the actions of a business that will have an impact on society as a whole. These could be ethical practises or unethical practises.
There are many different social implications a business might have, these social implications are highlighted by the way a business will chose to operate. The different social implications a business might have are related to different areas or departments of activity within a business.
These different areas of activity are:
• Ethics in finance
• Ethics in production
• Ethics in human resources management
• Ethics in sales and marketing

Ethics in finance
Ethics in finance is a very important factor to consider when dealing with social implications. There are lots of unethical behaviour within finance. The main aim for most business organisations is to generate profit, if something stands in the way of this, a business may chose to use unethical practises to get around the issue.
Ethics in finance can be broken down into different factors such as, bribery, payday loans, insider
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