Social Importance Of Poverty

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Nowadays, one issue that has been converted in a crucial point of relevant importance in society, is the poverty through which thousands of people are passing throughout the world today. To be specific, this issue is best known in society as the form of life that most of the people have lacking of the necessary resources to support their basic needs. In effect, this state of life is characterized by the deficiency in the feeding, the lack of access to education, and to the lack of possession of a house that meets the basic needs to develop a course of life correctly. However, as the years go by, all government of each country around the world where this issue stands out as the greatest point of social importance and governmental interest worldwide has been developed different kinds of program in order to fix and to establish an end to the huge poverty that clothes us today. Some programs that have been defined as a crucial aid in poverty is the welfare, food stamp, housing, and shelter program that most of the countries has been developing around the world, especially in the United States, where those programs play the most important role in the poor person's life. But, it is very important to mention that not always those programs have the positive results that most of the people though today.
First of all, poverty is the state of deficiency of money and resources to support people basic needs. This issue has been nominated as the most crucial point of necessity in America,

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