Social Injustice of Classism in the United States Essay

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In this country, a college education is still vital. For many first generation students it makes the difference between continued poverty or the means of a much improved life. Yet once these students reach the campus of the typical Historically Black Colleges and Universities they are likely to be faced with what might seem like an impenetrable wall of resistance in the form of classist practices commonly found at must universities. As Fulwood (2012) suggests that in order to counteract classism, changes must be made in the systems which perpetuate it. Some of these systems mentioned earlier are the media, “White Privilege”, the economic system, government, and education institutions themselves. We must look at those policies, …show more content…

This approach is particularly effective when directed at institutions and government agents. Examples of efforts in this area include groups like the presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the Thurgood Marshall Foundation that have been fighting the Department of Education in an effort to repeal its new guidelines in implementing the Plus Loan program which has hurt so many first generation students in getting the money to continue their education. Activist organizations such as Class Action (n. d.) are also working to provide information and strategies for combating classism.
Although many institutions host programs and initiatives that foster student interaction through academic and social support activities, much more can be done to enhance students’ awareness and acceptance of anti-classism attitudes and behavior. For institutions that serve large numbers of first-generation students, such as HBCUs, this imperative is especially urgent. An example of an innovative effort to better support first-generation and other underserved populations and to expose the campus to the class concept is Dartmouth’s as implementation of a program call Class Divide (Class Action, n. d.) to teach about class through the arts.
In order to help first generation college students fight classism, we must better understand how classism impacts the lives of these students. Langhout et. al. (2007) report on their extensive

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