Class Divide and Unequality in the United States

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The US has always been recognized as the one place where there is no divide among people, hence from its founding days it had been based on the fact of classless society of equals (Angus 55), where it focused on getting rid of such culture that was forced upon by the United Kingdom. A famous sociologist by the name of Alexis Tocqueville, at that time described the US as the most democratic nation in the world. But that soon has changed today in modern times, where there is a greater perceptible of classes in the country, only because of vast wealth accumulation by the higher class or as you may rich class. Americans today have a huge disadvantage of opportunities in all fields such as politics, or health care, justice security even in education and income. The way the class is structured in modern time US is the biggest cause of inequality today. This inequality in US is not even acknowledged. When the thought of inequality is either trivialized or brushed as if it doesn’t exist. Although we can agree there are other economic social inequality among other nations as well, but they are within their own boundries; if we are to compare only first world nations. Deaton Angus a professor at Princeton university stated “If the topic of class is introduced, it is always dismissed as far left socialism, having no relvance to modern day US capitalism” (Angus 65.). Even though there is inequality in US, however it also represents equality as well. Where hard work is rewarded with

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