Trust Me I Am A Junior Doctor By Max Pemberton

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Doctors are important figures in society that help us in our daily medical problems or struggles. They are the reason why most people who are at the brink of death have hope that they will survive. They start as normal students, medical students, then they enter the real world of medicine that may prove to be harder than expected. There the interns have their problems, struggles, and choices that they need to choose patiently. The issues can vary from health issues to social issues that affect the junior doctor mentally and physically. These problems are included in the book “Trust Me, I’m A Junior Doctor” by Max Pemberton. In the book, there are two main issues illustrated in the book, and they are the old-fashioned way of doctors and lack of intern training.
The first issue that is found in the book is the old-fashioned way of doctors. A doctor named Mr. Butterworth is one of those antiquated doctors that make you feel senseless for not knowing what they are speaking about. He is from an era where doctors say “big” medical words, and the patients just nod their head and eat the medicine their given. He comes from a paternalistic and pompous tradition where doctors know best, and patients are just tools for them to make money. Mr. Butterworth never …show more content…

In the beginning, they introduced Max to his mentor that's supposed to teach him hospital ways, but for some reason we never see Max’s mentor actually do anything to help him. For example, Max had to figure out by himself how to write a death certificate, or do basic MRI’s and CT scans. He should’ve been at least given a tour to know where the MRI room is. Interns had nobody to guide them through the process of being an actual real-life doctor. Moreover, all that people said to them, such as the nurses, is to sign papers, and can you review this patient. Even if they don't know those things, nurses say you’re the doctor you should

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