Development Of A Regional Director For Sigma Phi Epsilon

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If you are not a full-time student during this application cycle, in particular at any time between September 2015 and May 2016, please detail your current and planned activities below.

During the 2015-2016 application cycle, I will be working as a regional director for Sigma Phi Epsilon. This role entails improving the development of collegiate men by providing consultation and educational information to circumvent issues such as sexual assault, hazing, and alcohol abuse at university campuses in California and Nevada. Conversely I am responsible for implementing developmental programs that keep university students accountable for developing mentally and physically outside of the formal scholastic curriculum for all four years of college. The development program is unique to the needs of each student, their stage in college, and their pace of learning. The program is led primarily through local alumni or university faculty that teach extracurricular course work or act as mentors to individuals in the organization. As a regional director, I work to influence ethical decision-making, successful academic practices, and creation of positive relationships. By September 2015, I will have completed a course with the University of Richmond 's Robins School of Business. The course is entitled Executive Education Program and it focuses on increasing communication effectiveness, managing conflict, and increasing effective influencing skills.

Also during this time period, I will be…
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