Social Issues Of Food And Food

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In terms of looking at what is necessary for social change concerning social issues of food and food consumptions, there are two key aspects. One of the key items in which an individual must have is a strong belief in life issues including human rights. Along with this, it is also necessary to have a collective rather than individual enterprise. With this question in mind, we will look at world hunger, food insecurity as well as gendered food practices in relation to neoliberalism, social inequalities and finally social justices for each of the instances. We will begin by looking at world hunger. We are very well aware that across our world people are hungry due to the fact there is a lack of food or a lack of access to it. In terms of social inequalities and world hunger, it’s important to point out that world hunger is an example of a social inequality, however, world hunger in itself creates a list of others. One of these inequalities is gender inequality. Under this, we can see that Women are more likely to be hungry than anyone else. This is due to the fact women often give their meals up to feed their children and due to the fact they often make little to no money. (Scanlan et al 2010 pg. 37). In terms of neoliberalism and world hunger, although we have free trade markets and international food aid programs who send food to countries who are in need of it the most, there are barriers in place which make it difficult to obtain the food. One barrier is that in the

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