Social Issues Surrounding the Production and Consumption of Drugs

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The reputation of drugs is constantly being altered throughout the years. Kirvanek’s definition of a drug is ‘a substance introduced to the body knowingly but not as food, this includes illicit, recreational or pharmaceutical drugs’ (Krivanek, 1988). The reputation and prohibition of a drug depends on the culture and time. A culture is a ‘system of shared ideas, rules and meanings that underlie and are expressed in ways that humans live’ and it’s evident that culture has an impact on reputation of the drug. As Zeinberg theory has suggested there are three variables that demonstrate the effect and interaction of a drug. The first variable is the drug itself and the pharmacological action, the other variable is set which is the individual’s attitude during the time the drug was taken, and finally the last variable is setting which is the influence of the environment either socially or physically. Social media creates this setting through music, film and video. These media outlets alter the populations’ idea about the drugs. In western culture during the 1930 drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and opiates were seen as ‘pleasurable, mainstream and non-criminal lifestyle’ and was evident in films such as International House (1933). However after the prohibition of positive film representations gave rise to films such as Reefer Madness (1935) which gave messages about the danger and addiction of drugs. This highlights that the social media influences the perspective and

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