Social Justice in Conseling

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Social justice in counseling represents the process of reaching out to individuals with regard to the fair treatment of all. There are many aspects to consider within the interaction between counselor and client in order to provide the most fairest treatment available. These aspects are derived from the dynamics of the goals and process of the counseling session and constituted by policy and law development. The goals and processes are focused upon embodying individual and family systems and the policies and law development is developed through advocacy of making the focus more just and equal to the communities and society at large. Counseling professionals who are established in providing social justice in their framework focus upon the principles of harmony, access, equity, and participation when developing interventions and programmatic responses to the needs of their clients. The interventions and programmatic responses are designed to be comprehensive and preventive in nature. Harmony occurs when the needs of the individuals produce results creating for better outcomes society as a whole, which establishes a societal balance. Societal balance is maintained when the needs of individuals and minority groups are taken into account and placed into action. Access to social justice occurs when clients and those within the family system are provided with power, knowledge, information, services, and resources critical to healthy development and self-determination.
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