Social Media And Celebrities : Prestigious Or Problematic? Essay

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Social Media and Celebrities: Prestigious or Problematic? Over the last century, technology has advanced increasingly, providing more and more opportunities to connect with other people, and stay up to date with all of the news, weather and sports. From computers to ipods, from iphones to tablets, and from touch screen tvs to smart watches, all of these accessories allow us onto the internet or television. All of this connection has a much larger impact than the average eye can see. Many people don 't always realize the access they have to any and everything the internet,television and news has to offer. With this being said, there is no certainty in what one might stumble upon on the world wide web or their local tv guide.--One of the obscured yet biggest facets of the internet is social media and networking. Year by year more apps and websites allow users into their “humble abodes”, giving them the latest juicy gossip, and updating them on the Presidential Election. According to , Youtube, Twitter and Instagram are now all million dollar media sites that have upwards of 1 billion users combined. The issue, however, does not lie in the social media itself, but what the media shares and exploits to all of its users. With social media growing everyday, it is crucial that what these websites and television shows promote the important things, rather than the latest Taylor Swift and Drake romance rumors. With the media and the public primarily focused on

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