Social Media And Its Effects On College Students Essay

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Multitasking is usually right for those that want to work on assembly lines. Students that graduate with degrees typically aim for high paying jobs and in order to achieve this they must shut down their laptops and phones and pay attention in their classes. A startling fact is just how dependent and almost fixated college students are when it comes to accessing the internet. A few studies such as that of Jacobsen and Forste (2011) have highlighted that having access to the internet comes before everything else. Most students consider the Internet as fundamental as food, shelter, water and air. These thoughts are highly astonishing. Most of these students find that the internet is more important than going out with friends.

Reactions to Social Media Abuse
Some schools have had enough of their students abusing social media networks while on campus and have decided to ban social media access on their library computers. Other colleges have also implemented systems on their library computers where Twitter and Facebook are permanently blocked (Madden, 2012). The main reason for the new system is that most of these students that need to conduct research on computers have had to wait almost 20-30 minutes for a free computer. The colleges noticed that those that had access to a computer were using it to check their social media profiles. This aggravated many students and resulted in an agreement where designated computers still had unrestricted internet whereas others did not. This

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