Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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In our generation Social Media has become a very important and a popular tool that the majority of people use in their everyday lives. When people hear the words Social Media, people automatically think of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snap Chat, but Social Media is much more than just apps people can download onto their cellular devices. Any type of website especially one that someone can post on and share content in order to reach out to the community and participate in social networking. Social Media is a place where people can go and express their ideas and beliefs and is open to all types of religions and races. It does not discriminate who can and cannot post. But the one thing about social media that is does not warn you about is just because it is somewhere where you can go to express your beliefs and values, does not mean other people cannot criticize you on your views. Social media is where a lot of bullying occurs and people have hurt themselves over the bullying that has happened. Religion is a touchy subject and not all people in this world are okay with hearing what people have to say about it. That is why I think having religious based websites are an excellent idea. Christianity is one of the religions that have many sites dedicated to it where people can post their beliefs on, meet people of the same religion, and learn more about the religion.
One of the most popular Christian based sites is Christian Mingle. Christian Mingle is a site devoted to

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