Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Over the duration of time, I have noticed the great deal of power that media has influenced on how women ought to appear. The relationship between social media and its users is a high effect on people and causes many problems. We are constantly thrown images of women and men to categorize what is eye catching. It has been clear that social media has blossomed in the last few decades to only deliver us with messages. Social media is applying to us, that looking more like the Kardashians and less like ourselves is the new norm. It is constantly feeding us with a new method on what is pretty in the media and the thinner you are the more likes you get on social media accounts.
Social media sites have converted to the top social outlet for many teens to communicate. Nevertheless, with a lot of positive outcomes can with lots of negative effects. I am a huge user of social media and I have been questioning what role is social media playing on body images, especially on teens. It leaves me with the concern on how is social media portraying negative body images to teens?
My generation has made social media a new platform for many new forms of businesses and a global interaction with people. As I became more concern about this topic, I began to be aware of the many portals that social media influence on its audience. I was highly interested in the way women 's bodies are portrayed and how it affects teens today. In my teen years, I was very concern on the amount of likes I would

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