Social Media And Social Networking

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IV. Generations in the Workforce The fast paced evolution of social media and social networking has required businesses to quickly adapt to avoid falling behind their competition and their customers. A unique feature of the evolving workplace is that entire corporations are involved, it’s not only the younger generation or only the experienced generation but rather, it affects everyone. This new frontier adds value in many ways including faster service, more direct customer feedback, as well as unifying the workforce. An important piece of research in terms of technology and the generation gap explores how different generations view new technology. The study, conducted by, showed that everybody is equally capable of grasping new technologies, the difference is merely how each generation aspires to use it. Older experienced employees already have certain patterns and habits in place based on their past successes and failures and when a new tool in introduced they ask “How can I adapt this new tool to the job I already know?” Whereas, younger people who are new to the workforce “wonder how they can use the tools they know to solve new and unfamiliar problems in their job.” This difference in ideology is where the gap begins. however, managers today are using the unfamiliarity of both parties to unify them. By assigning multigenerational task forces to learn new programs and new measures in the social networking sphere the generations are able to come together

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