Social Media And Social Networking

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Several advantages and disadvantages of social media such as Facebook or Twitter that Kent State students are use the purpose of social media and how often students are use social media. The social networking is a tool that is used by the people of modern world. The use of social networking is common in all parts of the world. The basic idea that revolves around the social networking site revolves around the purpose to promote and help to communicate with the world. However, the technology seems to have more harmful effects than the positive one. The technology had not only changed the way of communication but also how we interact with the people in our routine life. With the rise in the use of networking site like Facebook the verge of traditional personal interaction had been changed and will be more different for the upcoming generation. That would be of huge risk if we won’t understand the effects of social media and social networking sites. The social networking had affected our lives in every way like our way of communication, bullying, self-expression, isolation and relations like friendship and the sense of humanity. The social networking site like Facebook were created with an idea to help people communicate with each other in an easy and effective way. There were many other reasons of emergence of such technologies. However, the communication was the core idea behind all of these. Many people use these sites to communicate with friends of relative living in any

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