Social Media And Technology Essay

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In today’s world almost every task which requires a human to move around is being replaced by technology. Technology/Social Media has caused huge distractions in almost every small aspect which doesn’t requires technology. Social networks are very harmful to people in today’s society, it causes people to rely more on them than what they would rely on if social media wasn’t in place of it. In and outside of school children look forward to completing things due to technology, but technology gets in the way of almost everything. The author of article 1 says, “Yes we text in that class but if my grade is an A or a B, I don’t see the problem.” By teachers letting students use technology most often is the only reason they would feel this way. Many students may feel like this is their gateway to using social media, by getting good grades. If this is the case then what would they be learning? In article 1 the author reports that Testtakers were interrupted via instant message, The interrupted group answered questions 20 percent correct less than others who wasn’t interrupted by a text message,” Just by answering one small little message, it can cause the students to have their grade average spiraling down. Student’s, don’t benefit, from using Social Media in whichever way it is used in the classroom because it causes a distraction. The author of article 1 says “Can’t concentrate on homework” students doing their homework is the important part of the day. Answering one message,
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