Social Media Damage

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Damage of social media A recent study titled #StatusofMind, surveyed young adults from the ages of 14 to 24 revealead the negative effects that social media has on one’s life. The study uncovered that social media brings upon undermining mental health issues, influences self-identity and degrades body image. Social media has made it easy to make anyone's life superficial, especially that of teenagers who are more susceptible to society's standards and expectations. Social media is infamous for creating phony personalities, bringing down self esteem, and influencing users to alter their identity because society has set standards for the “perfect” person. Online you can be anyone you want, you have the ability to be perceived as anyone. Simple manipulation of your profile can easily be interpreted different by each user, thus making social media the perfect tool to scheme someone of who you are not. Today's society has created the “perfect person” who which we all must try to achieve to be. Because of this, it is rare to find someone who is genuine and true to their actual self. Many people see social media as an effortless way to achieve this false personality. Because social media is so easily accessible, teens have the resources to fall into this concept of the ideal “perfect person” and thus create this false persona. As a way to fit in, teenagers usually preoccupy themselves with trying to please people that they don't actually know through the internet. They go on

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