Social Media Has Changed The Way That People Interact

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Social media has changed the way that people interact; instead of relying on phone calls and face-to-face conversations, people can easily send information to 500 of their closest friends. However, social media has also made it much easier and even expected to lie, or pretend to be someone else. These lies can range from the creation of new personas to prey on others to minor exaggerations to gain popularity. Both of these discrepancies between appearance and reality are harmful, and in some cases can lead to similar consequences. When most people think of duality on social media, their first thought is Kim Kardashian’s highly photoshopped Instagram feed. While the pictures from her champagne glass photo shoot demonstrate the discrepancy between appearance and reality on the internet, this societal issue runs deeper than Ms. Kardashian’s publicity stunt. While some use social media as a means of self-promotion, and a way to document their every move, others take full advantage of the anonymity that these sites can provide, and use social media to do serious damage. Social media sites like Facebook and various internet chat rooms provide people with an easy way to connect with one another. These sites make it easy for one to connect with friends, but can just as easily be infiltrated by strangers with sinister motives. The creation of fake social media identities has become more common, and both scam artists and pedophiles use this technique. Online predators create

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