Social Media Impact On Beauty

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Models, Celebrities, and all those who have risen to fame through their looks are a large part of America’s entertainment that has leaked into the daily lives of everyone living and participating in today’s society. Within their takeover of people’s lives through all forms of media: television, magazines, newspapers, the internet and social media, there is a large portion that includes all of the promotional photos taken that circulate through the media. In these photos, the celebrities always look flawless, attractive, and perpetuate an unrealistic beauty standard. These photos, which have all been retouched and photoshopped, inhabit and circulate social media reaching the millions of people who frequently use it. These people see the images and view them as an unattainable goal they wish and society tells them to reach. In order to combat the harm that has already been inflicted upon society, social media needs to be used to promote a healthier, wider definition of beauty than the current one according to the western beauty standards of today. This issue of negative body image and unrealistic beauty standards is not one of the issues that are just numbers on a graph, everyone has either dealt with it or knows someone else who has. As it affects so many people, I myself know multiple people who have dealt with it in varying degrees. From people who only have difficulties accepting and believing compliments about themselves to those who have hated how they look so much

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