Social Media Impact

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Impacts of Social Media on The Society Social Media has become very popular among every single person, especially young generation. Nowadays, everyone has at least one account on Facebook or Instagram. Although, with the pass of the time most of the young people get addicted to social media, causing them a high dependence on using a smartphone or electronic devices. Moreover, social media were created to make people easier to communicate with others, regardless of where they are. Permitting them to interact and socialize with people from different culture. Unfortunately, despite those benefits that social media provide, many young people are getting more and more addicted to using them. Social Media cause distractions, emotional exhaustion, Cyberbullying, and Online Risk-Taking Behavior. Some research on the impact of Social Media has shown many benefits of using them, another research shows the negative effects of social media. Nowadays, people are more concern about the adverse effects of using it. Because, people have more access to portable devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, compared to before that it was more difficult to get connected to social media. In a 2015 research by The National Institute of Development Administration in Bangkok, Thailand. Kanokporn Sriwilai& Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol were exploring the consequences of social media addictions. Firstly, the effect of social media addiction on mindfulness,

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