Social Impact On Social Media

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Social media has become a prominent part of life for many young people today. Most people engage with social media without stopping to think of its influence on our lives, whether positive or negative. What will the long term effects of today's social media use be for our youth? Social media has revolutionised how most of us communicate, especially regarding young people, even in the most remote Indigenous communities in Australia youth culture is being reshaped through digital technologies. Young people are provided with a range of positive opportunities to maintain social connections and support via online social networks as well as learning and participating with a multitude of interests. Along with these opportunities there are also risks associated with social media such as social isolation or loss of privacy as well as cyberbullying and self-esteem pressures. We need to develop the opportunities offered by digital and social media to promote learning and wellbeing for our youth that is inclusive of young people’s input and ideas. White, Wyn and Robards (2017) refer to a generational approach of understanding how each generation of young people engage with their circumstances providing a framework for understanding youth culture as an expression of generational preoccupations and dispositions and engagement with new communications technologies. Online social networks have become embedded within most young people's everyday lives (Green & Hannon, 2007). When looking at

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