Social Media Mental Illnesses

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Social Media and Mental Illnesses While the social media field gets larger with each generation, depression becomes more and more popular. This forms the question, “Does social media play a role in causing depression?” Because of social media’s large influence, I personally believe it is one of the many factors of depression and other mental illnesses. This is important because without more awareness of this problem, there will be more mental illness victims. When growing up in this generation, the norm is to have many different forms of social media. That being said, being a part of these networks puts a lot of pressure on kids. After joining social media, most people are exposed to pressures that they did not experience prier to being a…show more content…
Not eating leads to many more problems than just depression. It leads to being malnourished, losing hair, fatigue, organs shutting down and possibly death. Social media should be more aware of the impressions they have on innocent bystanders. People put their lives at risks just to achieve what media is portraying as “normal”. Not only can media cause a person to believe they are not good enough, but it can prevent someone who already struggles with an eating disorder from getting better. A lot of people believe that media is the biggest influence for eating disorders. After a text done on the biggest influence in ones life, “their findings suggested that anorexic women use fashion magazine articles and images for specific functions related to their eating disorder”…show more content…
Its so easy to get sucked in to the most recent (sometimes not true) news. When social media starts taking over your life, and absorbing most of your free time, you stop doing what you used to love the most like, hanging out with your friends, playing your favorite sport, or having dinner with your family. Not having those things in your life because of social media, can mess up your healthy mental state. Not only are you choosing to not participate in those things anymore, but the people you used to do them with will stop inviting you once they realize social media is more important. Being isolated with just media is not healthy because “Social isolation is a threat to individuals in that those who are about to be excluded typically experience negative affect such as anxiety and fear” (Agarwal). Anxiety and fear can very well turn into depression if you are suffering from these things for a long period of time with no one around to help you through the rough
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