Social Media Platform Twitter

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As such, for a game that may seek to reach an audience beyond the people that understand the meaning of the logo, it is important to design a logo that cuts across different languages. On the other hand, in South Africa, where this application was primarily created for, the logo would easily understood and convey the message of the game because it is in the local dialect. Also, since the game is originally a traditional Southern African board game that is played, the text used as the logo is easily understood in their environment. I would conclude that the application would have been more intuitive if it had an icon since its target was for different countries aside South Africa. Twitter is a native application that also runs on the android platform. Twitter is a social media-networking application for friends, family and coworkers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. The twitter application was designed with an icon. This design from my perspective has its pros and cons. I would say the first view made me think it was a game with birds. This is why I think an icon used in this perspective was not the right choice. On the other hand, using a text in the scenario which is likely to be a styled way of writing “Twitter” would not be the best design either. However, since the name “Twitter” is a bird that gives a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds, it is easier to understand why the logo is a bird.
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