Social Media Research Paper

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Social Media

Emily Baker

Computer Literacy (ADF1206C)

Instructor: Edward Bakker
March 8th, 2012

Most people do have some type of social media account. Between Facebook, Twitter and Youtube there are many issues with these websites. With most people it’s just a simple way of connecting with other people, but for some people there are issues with addiction, copyright, privacy, you could offend people, legalized stalking. For Facebook there are many ways you could use this social media website. You can post things you are doing or “check in”. People can tag you in photos that have you in them. You can also post pictures of yourself or other things. “The most common age of people who use face book is ages 35-55.” I think …show more content…

There are also some privacy issues with social media. But posting or tweeting every little thing that you do what do you really expect to happen. If you don’t want the world to know then doesn’t put it out there on the internet. Because once it hits the internet it never goes away. One thing that scares people the most is facial recogtion when you go to tag some body it pops up who this person may be by this software. It makes you wonder if you took a photo of a crowd would it be able to tell you who everybody is and what they are like though their Facebook page? I wonder if there will be an app for that. People can also legally stalk somebody though their social media page. Depending on how much you put out on the internet though is how much somebody is going to know. If they are friends with your or follow you, they can have full access to your sensitive information. With all of the things that you can do on social media websites I believe that it can be dangerous but it can be used in a safe way in order to have fun in the way that it was intended to be used. It’s all about how you use the websites.

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