Social Media and Kathmandu Facebook Page Essay

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Kathmandu Holding Limited | April 4 2013 | How do social media and consumer-generated content change the way marketers operate? | Nicole Mack | Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 2 2.0 An Introduction to Kathmandu Holdings Limited 3 2.1 Products 3 2.2 Target market and key financials 3 2.3 Analysis of key financials 4 3.0 An investigation of Kathmandu’s Facebook page 6 3.1 Marketing on the Kathmandu Facebook page 6 3.2 Engaging their customers through Facebook 7 3.3 What Kathmandu could do to improve their use of Facebook 8 4.0 Building and maintaining customers using Facebook 9 4.1 Why consumers ‘Like’ pages on Facebook 9 4.2 Consumer Trust on Facebook 9 4.3 Conecting customers through Social Media 9 5.0…show more content…
Source (Wikipedia, n.d.) 2.1 Products Kathmandu sells a range of different types of clothing and equipment for travel and outdoor activities as shown in image A below. Their products are known for being good quality, middle to high price products that last a long time. On the Kathmandu website they use the following description of their products: ‘Our products are widely known for their quality, reliability, ingenuity and versatility. Lab testing ensures we consistently meet or exceed international standards, while plenty of action in the field means we know our products work the way they’re meant to’. (Kathmandu, n.d.) Image A: Kathmandu’s product range | | | | Outdoor clothing for adults and children including fleeces, beanies, trekking shoes, gloves and even socks for wearing on a plane to prevent swelling. | Camping gear such as tents, sleeping matts, picnic rugs, head torches, coffee flasks. | Packs and bags such as backpacks, money belts | Accessories such as umbrellas, water bladders, bike seat covers and motion sickness relief wristbands.(Kathmandu, n.d.) | 2.2 Target market and key financials Kathmandu’s target market is primarily active adventurous outdoor people of all ages from the experienced adventurer to the entry-level explorer. They also have a secondary target market of anyone who likes to travel. Image B: Kathmandu’s global financial performance over the last 3
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