Social Media 's Effect On A Young Woman 's Body Image

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Social Media’s Effect on a Young Woman’s Body Image Social media has become a pastime that consumes hours and hours of so many lives today. Most all women have been impacted in some kind of way by Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter because they are using it on a daily basis. Some of these women do not even realize how much they have been negatively impacted by using social media. People see information posted that they would not have known if it were not for social media. Sometimes it is information related to health issues or a woman’s body image. Many celebrities, athletes, friends, and family will eventually all post something about their body image. A negative self-image among women seems to be more prevalent due to social media. Young women are negatively influenced by social media due to constant comparisons to friends on Facebook which then causes more anxiety and eating disorders and a desire to withdraw from society. Throughout the years the average perception of an ideal woman has changed drastically. Over thirty year ago, Marilyn Monroe was considered the ideal woman. She had the perfect body with curves and was even a size 14. Women then looked at her as healthy and fit, but today women see her as a plus size. The normal size of a woman has drastically changed from a size 14 to size zero (Chojnacki With many advances in technology today, the average size woman, who is a size 6, might be edited enough to look like a size 0. People
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