Social Motire In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Brave New World Community,identity,stability the formula to a perfect society conforming to the book “Brave New World.” Aldous Huxley utilizes satire to reveal an arriving downfall in society , where humans are no longer part of society ,but machines to society itself. Huxley creates a mass production machine driven world through uses of topics as the advancement of science , moral and cultural decay, relationships and even religion. Huxley carries no weight as his representation of the future is a deranged mess. The disconnection between humans has elevated higher than ever , and our culture is slowly decaying. “What are you giving them ?” asked Mr.Foster, making his tone very professional “ oh the usual typhoid and sleeping sickness. “ while in the 1930s and today’s society this would be considered demented and insane Huxley shows just how much our society is not caring anymore. They’re giving people typhoid and sleeping sickness as if it’s nothing at all, Huxley says “ oh the usual…” as if it does not matter to him at all.When does it get to the point where lives are treated so careless.You can steadily see our society decaying as everyone does not love one another today. Racial violence , people fighting because of one bumped the other , we are slowly dying as a society altogether. People are just meat , another thing that can be bred and replaced easily. This reoccurring theme of people being treated so carelessly is a flawed mentality. Huxley shows his

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