Social Networking : An Overview

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INTRODUCTION Social networking services are powerful tools that allow a person to connect with friends and family no matter where they are. In a nutshell, it consists of a user profile and a list of sorts that shows the connections that a person has and it allows the user to communicate with others regardless of time, location amongst other barriers. (Boyd). Most of these services are online and allows one to break down physical barriers at the cost of exposing oneself online be it for good or for bad. The exposure and loss of privacy is very great and it could be argued that it may well be a purposeful loss of privacy as people take this risk with little thought. SOCIAL NETWORKING: AN OVERVIEW Social Networking, in depth, typically has the following features: the ability to create a public or semi-public profile, make a list of connections that one may frequently interact with, and the ability to view said connections. Most of these services are provided online. Boyd argues that a social networking profile allows one “to type oneself into being,” (Boyd). Some services allow for users to upload pictures and multimedia content to modify the feel and look of their profile and most sites have the ability to create blog like entries for one to share their thoughts and feelings on a certain issue. Most social networking sites also have controls that the user can use to privatize their information and prevent outsiders from looking at his or her information should the need arise

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