Social Norms And Religion

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Cultural norms define what part of ourselves we put forth for society to view. We are told what is appropriate to tell others and what we should keep between the walls of our home and our family life. Religion and spirituality are the biggest concepts that society views as taboo in the public sector. Although most people have some sort of spirituality, the conflict that arises when religion is a topic of conversation has made it so faith, similar to politics, becomes forbidden by social norms. It is viewed as irrational, subjective, and distinct from the rest of the world, and the principles of it cannot be applied in public life. Religious faith is viewed as something separate from the rational world. Our societal norms say that the rationality needed for the real world cannot coexist with the subjectivity of religious faith. Although it answers its own questions, it cannot solve problems that require the logic and rationality of the real world. Religious faith as seen more as a way to express oneself, not something that can be applied to the public sector of life. …show more content…

This started back when science and religion were still fighting over every discovery made and imprisoned every scientist who did not fully back the church. Although this was partly the case, the church made large donations to science over the years and contributed to some of the discoveries made of the 15th and 16th centuries. Since that time, the stigma of the church against science has been passed down through generations, ending up with the mindset of “religious faith is irrational” being the main conception today. No one thinks to question the past traditions and ideals that have been in place for so long, so society just accepts that science and the church, or rationality and religion, will forever be against each

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