Social Norms And Social Aspects

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Social norms are what the world or society view as acceptable ways to act. A social norm that I tend to follow would be facing the front when riding on an elevator. This is one that I assume most people follow, but I have actually been in a situation where someone walked on an elevator while they were texting and never turned around. I had never thought about that being socially normal until someone didn’t face the door. However, it is only normal because the majority believes it’s normal.
I believe that yielding to a majority’s opinion is something that I rarely do. I speak up very quickly to voice my opinion (perhaps sometimes a little too quickly). I have very strong beliefs and tend to let people know about them. I also let people know …show more content…

Apathy is needed to stand alone and not care what people think of you.
The social norm that I decided to violate was wearing my sweatshirt backwards the whole school day. I wore it all day, even in the morning and at home. I also went so far as to wear it backwards to all of my piano lessons that I teach. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to violate this particular social norm. I knew that I would get good reactions out of my students. Before I put it on backwards, honestly I was a little nervous even though this really isn’t that big of a deal. I was also really excited about wearing it in front of the kids I teach. I didn’t get a lot of reactions at school so I was looking forward to the lessons. When I answered the door for my first student, she gave me the funniest look, but she didn’t say anything to me. Instead, she just walked in and was silent for most of the lesson. My second student asked so many questions when I tried to explain it to her.
The next student couldn’t even focus on the lesson. She was about six years old so she couldn’t stop laughing every time she looked at me. When I would lean over to help her, she would pull on my hood. Pretty soon, I ended up just having her play her songs the best she could so that she would actually get something out of the lesson. I was actually laughing part of the time too because I really didn’t expect such big reactions.
After all of my students went home, I left it on because I wanted to see what my dad’s

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