Personal Narrative: Mr. Addams

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The principal took out the whipped cream and unwrapped the the clear packaging with his sharp car keys; he then attempted to throw it into the blue trash can to his right, but the wind blew the packaging onto the black pavement. He stood with his hand on his chin and contemplated whether to pick it up or throw it away. As he took on step towards the packaging, a middle schooler tapped on the principles back and handed him the microphone. Mr. Addams took out several note cards while the students began to silence. As the Mr. Addams rambled about nonsense, the students started to become restless. They began to talk to their friends walked towards the tables set at the carnival. There was a large poster that read: Pie A Teacher For Only $5! On …show more content…

More and more students joined the trash-talk, and within ten minutes, nobody wanted to throw a pie. I stood behind the crowd holding onto my pie as it leaked sugary syrup onto my fingers and wrist. I walked up to the red line and positioned my left leg behind my right. I coughed as loudly as I could to get everyone’s attention. Slowly, people started to stop talking and stared at me with curiosity. I paced back and forth trying to decide which teacher I was going to pie in the face. “She can’t throw to save her life. Who wants to beat one hundred dollar she is going to miss?” Conversations began and their attention lost. I stomped my feet on the ground trying to regain their attention, but still no one was looking at me. I swung my right arm back and forth trying to stretch it out. I repositioned myself while the teachers were not paying any attention. I thought to myself, this is the event I had been waiting for had finally arrived. Student Council organized a “pie in the face” fundraiser and now was my chance to pie my teacher. As I eagerly gripped the pie and readied the throw, the unthinkable happened! My right foot slipped on a clear object while I chucked my pie towards the principle. As my back collided with the hard ground, the pie was thrown straight up into the air. I opened my eyes once the pain in

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